Monday, April 2 – Wednesday, April 4
7126 – Withholding Food and Fluids, Part 1
7127 – Withholding Food and Fluids, Part 2
7128 – Withholding Food and Fluids, Part 3
In this three-part series, Carol examines the future of euthanasia in the United States by looking back on a prophetic piece written by National Right to Life Executive Director David N. O’Steen, Ph.D. in 1997.

Thursday, April 5
7129 – Tatiana’s Story
Tatiana’s life experiences – from her adoption to her mother’s battle with cancer – have shaped her pro-life views and her activism.  Carol shares her remarkable story.

Friday, April 6
7130 – The Most Effective Way to Win
Perhaps the most effective way to win the battle to save innocent life is training and equipping the next generation of pro-life activists.


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