Monday, April 23
7141 – Cutting Through the Planned Parenthood Hype
There’s a lot of hype and smokescreen surrounding Planned Parenthood’s true mission. And it’s aided by their allies in Hollywood and the media. Today, Carol looks just beyond the hype to talk about the real Planned Parenthood.

Tuesday, April 24
7142 – Vermont Legislature Kills Assisted Suicide Bill
In a surprising move, Vermont Lt. Governor Phil scott reversed his supported of an assisted suicide bill that was working its way through the Vermont legislature. 

Wednesday, April 25
7143 – Planned Parenthood Efforts in Detroit Thwarted…Temporarily
Efforts by Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan to open a clinic in the Detroit suburb of Auburn Hills have been temporarily thwarted by local opposition. 

Thursday, April 26
7144 – Planned Parenthood Heralds “Childbirth Classes as National News
You’d think having childbirth classes would be commonplace at an organization devoted to parenthood. But for Planned Parenthood, which performs more than 300,000 abortions annually, childbirth classes are national news.

Friday, April 27
7145 – Showdown at the Supreme Court
The outcome of the Supreme Court’s hearings on the Obama health care law could determine whether provisions to ration lifesving care and to greatly expand federally subsidized abortion insurance are imposed on the United States.