Monday, April 30
7146 – British Health Secretary Under Attack for Clinic Inspections
The abortion industry is continuing an orchestrated attack on British Heatlh Secretary Andrew Lansley after he ordered unannounced inspections of more than 300 abortion clinics in England last month. 

Tuesday, May 1
7147 – Making the Most of Our Lives 
Carol shares a look at observations by the New York Times’ David Brooks on the lives (and deaths) of Charles Snelling and his wife, and Brooks’ reflection that “Our job is not to determine who is worthy of life, but how to make the most of the life we have been given.” 

Wednesday, May 2
7148 – Post-Abortion Syndrome: The Evidence is There
Carol shares an article by British doctor Pravin Thevathasan, editor of Catholic Medical Quarterly, about the realities of post-abortion syndrome. 

Thursday, May 3
7149 – It’s About Religious Freedom, Not Contraception 
The Administration’s HHS mandate about coverage for birth control, isn’t really about birth control.  It’s about religious freedom. But you wouldn’t think that by listening to mainstream news reports. 

Friday, May 4
7150 – Get Energized at NRLC 2012
The annual National Right to Life convention is a place to learn, network and get re-enegergized in your efforts to defend life.  Carol discusses some of the tremendous opportunities available at this year’s 42nd annual gathering.