Monday, December 12 – Tuesday, December 13
7046 – Abortion History Myths, Part 1
7047 – Abortion History Myths, Part 2
Carol looks back on a book entitled Dispelling Abortion History Myths by Villanova professor Joseph Dellapenna.  Professor Dellapenna’s 1300-page work explores some of the most common myths associated with abortion on demand and the ‘liberal folklore” surrounding the Roe v. Wade decision.

Wednesday, December 14
7048 – A Revolving Door
Proving yet again that there’s a revolving door between the abortion industry and the Obama Administration, Planned Parenthood’s newest hire, Dana Singiser, comes right out of the Obama White House.

Thursday, December 15
7049 – Pro-Life Efforts in Russia
Russia has the highest abortion rates in the world; but the tide is turning.  With nearly 54 abortions for every 1,000 women of childbearing age, new legislation would restrict access to abortion – a big step for the world’s most abortive nation.

Friday, December 16
7050 – Questions About Stem Cells
A Facebook user pointed us to a new report in which a patient’s own stem cells were used to repair heart damage.  Carol shares some of the details of the report.