Monday, February 13
7091 – Protecting Female Children from Gendercide
An editorial in the journal of the Canadian Medical Association confronts the practice of sex-selection abortion (which studies show is rampant in India and China) as it works its way into North America.  Carol shares some key observations from the editorial and looks at the unbelievable statistics.

Tuesday, February 14
7092 – Stem Cell Update
There’s yet more good news in the field of ethical stem cell research: a 30-year-old Baltimore man received an artificial trachea made with his own stem cells.  This comes as we learn that the NIH has approved four more lines of stem cells derived from killing living human embryos.

Wednesday, February 15
7093 – Black Pro-Life Pioneers: Erma Clardy Craven
As part of Black History Month, Carol has been discussing some of the many black pioneers who have made a tremendous impact on our pro-life efforts.  Today, she looks at Erma Clardy Craven, a Minnesota social worker and author of “Abortion, Poverty and Black Genocide.”

Thursday, February 16 – Friday, February 17
Thursday – 7094 – Leaders for the Present and the Future, Part 1
Friday – 7095 – Leaders for the Present and the Future, Part 2
The future and present of the right-to-life movement is in good hands as Carol notes in discussing the tremendous numbers of teens and college students getting involved in the fight for life.

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