Monday, February 6 – Tuesday, February 7
7086 – Tending the Right to Life Garden, Part 1
7087 – Tending the Right to Life Garden, Part 2
NRLC’s Director of Education and Research, Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, reminds us that education is a lot like gardening.  Today, Carol reminds us that our efforts are having a profound impact on society’s views toward abortion.

Wednesday, February 8
7088 – Black Pro-Life Pioneers: Kay Coles James
As part of Black History Month, we are discussing some of the many black pioneers who have made a tremendous impact on our pro-life efforts.  Today, Carol looks at former National Right to Life Director of Public Affairs, Kay Coles James.

Thursday, February 9
7089 – Register to Vote, It’s Your Duty
Carol reminds us that it is the duty of every right-to-life activist to register to vote and become educated about the candidates and their positions on the right-to-life issues.

Friday, February 10
7090 – The Better Angels of Our Nature
Carol eflects on the life and work of President Abraham Lincoln as we prepare to celebrate the anniversary of his birth on Sunday.

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