Monday, July 2
7191 – Striking Fear in the Heart of the Pro-Abotion Movement
NARAL President Nancy Keenan is stepping down at the end of the year and told Sarah Kliff of the Washington Post that she’s concerned about the “intensity gap” among the next generation.

Tuesday, July 3
7192 – Pro-Abortion Misdirection Abounds on Ultrasound Laws
When pro-abortionists proclaim that ultrasound laws, providing mothers a chance to view a real-time ultrasound image of their unborn child before an abortion, place an “undue burden” on the mother, they’re engaging in classic pro-abortion misdirection tactics.

Wednesday, July 4
7193 – We Hold These Truths…
As we celebrate Independence Day, Carol shares some observations on 34 inspiring words that changed a nation and speaks to the very foundations of our great cause of life.

Thursday, July 5
7194 – Volunteers: The Heart of the Right-to-Life Movement
Volunteers are the lifeblood of the right-to-life movement whther they volunteer with a local chapter, state affiliate, or at a national level. Carol kicks off our new Right to Life Heroes series by celebrating the time and talents of thousands of volunteers that make a difference for our movement.

Friday, July 6
7195 – Right to Life Heroes: The Eichenseers
Carol talks about the extraordinary efforts of John and Betty Eichenseer of Albuquerque, New Mexico as we kick off our new Right to Life Heroes series on Pro-Life Perspective.