Producer’s Note: As we celebrate the independence of our great nation this week, all of us at National Right to Life want to wish you and your family a safe, happy, and blessed holiday week!

Monday, July 4
6931 – We Hold These Truths
As we celebrate Independence Day, Carol reflects on the words of our great Declaration of Independence and their meaning in today’s world.

Tuesday, July 5
6932 – By the Numbers: The Real Story of Public Opinion and Abortion
Gallup’s most recent poll shows a plurality of the country describes themselves as “pro-choice.”  But those top numbers don’t tell the real story.  Careful study shows that 61% of the country is opposed to the vast majority of abortions!

Wednesday, July 6
6933 – In all Fairness: County Fair Booth Resources
County and state fair booth season is upon us!  National Right to Life’s State Organizational Development Department has a ready-made fair booth kit available for anyone exhibiting during the summer fair season.

Thursday, July 7
6934 – Gendercide in China
Chinese society has long looked favorably and preferentially on male children.  China’s tragic one-child policy has heightened this societial bias and has led to widespread gendercide creating a imbalance of males and females throughout the country.

Friday, July 8
6935 – A Closer Look at Female Feticide in India
As with neighboring China, much of India’s population values boys above girls.  Though sex-selection abortion is banned in India, the use of modern ultrasound technology to determine the sex of a child has led to the abortion of millions of female children.