Monday, June 18 – Tuesday, June 19
7181 – Minimally Conscious State, Part 1
7182 – Minimally Conscious State, Part 2
Carol explores the push by euthanasia advocates to advance a so-called “minimally conscious state” diagnosis for patients who are conscious but still unable to make  medical decisions for themselves.  In particular, she cites the Califonia case of Robert Wendlund and the testimony of notorious bioethicist Ronald Cranford.

Wednesday, June 20 – Thursday, June 21
7183 – I Can Do It!, Part 1
7184 – I Can Do It!, Part 2
Young mothers across American every day stare down the cultural elitists who tell them abortion is their only option by saying loudly, “I Can Do It!” Carol shares one such story of a young mother who fought against the forces who would have had her abort her son.

Friday, June 22
7185 – Modern Day Hero for Life
Diagnosed with cancer and advised to abort her third child or die herself, Maria defied all odds, gave birth to her child and defeated cancer.  Carol shares her story.