Monday, June 4 – Wednesday, June 6
7171 – Eugenic Abortions, Part 1
7172 – Eugenic Abortions, Part 2
7173 – Eugenic Abortions, Part 3
Carol looks at occurrence of eugenic abortions and the startling research showing that an astronomical number of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted, which, according to some statistics, indicate nearly 90% of Down’s children are aborted.

Thursday, June 7
7174 – Pro-Abortion Absolutes
Most pro-abortionists mask the fact that they favor unlimited, unrestricted abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Britian’s Ann Furedi isn’t one of them.

Friday, June 8
7175 – The Ugly Truth in India
Carol shares the story of Amisha Bhatt, a woman in India forced to undergo 6 abortions of baby girls, who is now working to expose the practice of gendercide in her country.