Monday, June 6
6911 – Maternal Mortality: Health Care v. Abortion
A new analysis by NRLC and MCCL-GO shows that improved health care, not abortion, leads to decreases in maternal deaths in the developing world.

Tuesday, June 7
6912 – Abortion Pill Dangers
Recent reports from Portugal and Australia continue to show the dangers of RU486 abortions.

Wednesday, June 8
6913 – Do You Know Your NRLC?
Carol discusses the ongoing, lifesaving work of National Right to Life and the many departments that provide grassroots activists the tools to win.

Thursday, June 9
6914 – When You Pay for Abortions, You Get More Abortions
A new study released by the Guttmacher Institute found that poorer women have more abortions than their wealthier counterparts; what the report doesn’t reveal is that many states pay for those women to have abortions.

Friday, June 10
6915 – The Most Effective Way to Win
Perhaps the most effective way to win the battle to save innocent life is training and equipping the next generation of pro-life activists.

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