Monday, March 12
7111 – 100% Chance of Being Loved
With reports showing an astonishing number of children diagnosed with Down Syndrome being aborted, one mother speaks out in favor of life.

Tuesday, March 13
7112 – Georgia Supreme Court Strikes Assisted Suicide Law
The Georgia State Surpeme Court struck down a law prohibiting people and organizations from advertising for assisted suicide in the state leaving no regulations on the books against the practice.

Wednesday, March 14
7113 – Preventing Another ‘House of Horrors’
A Freedom of Information Request filed in Illinois by the Associated Press found that some abortion facilities in Illinois had gone up to15 years without inspections.

Thursday, March 15
7114 – Dealing Effectively with Post-Abortion Syndrome
Some statistics report that upwards of 40% of American woman have had or will have an abortion by the time they reach age 45.   Carol discusses efforts to effectively reach out to those who are mourning the loss of their unborn child.

Friday, March 16
7115 – The NRLC Academy
Carol discusses the National Right to Life Academy – an intensive six-week course for college students interested in expanding their knowledge of pro-life issues.