Monday, March 5
7106 – Falling Off Abortion’s Tightrope
Self-described as “pro-choice,” Mara Hvistendahl grapples with the notion of female feticide – a practice all too uncommon in India and China – that is slowly seeping its way into the United States.

Tuesday, March 6
7107 – Conceived in Rape: Reunited After 70+ Years
Carol shares the story of 100-year-old Minka Disbrow who was reunited with her daughter – a conception of rape some eight decades ago.

Wednesday, March 7
7108 – Abortion Survivors
How many abortion survivors do you know?  You might be surprised when Carol shares the work of Dr. Philip Ney and Dr. Marie Peeters-Ney in identifying ten categories of abortion survivors.

Thursday, March 8
7109 – Shopping for Life
Did you know you can support the work of National Right to Life while shopping online?  Today, Carol discusses a great new tool that’s easy to use and doesn’t cost you anything.

Friday, March 9
7110 – Life Fest Film Festival: Outside the Box
A new tool to educate and bring people to the cause of life has cropped up in, of all places, Hollywood.  Today, Carol discusses the Life Fest Film Festival.