Monday, May 14
7156 – Gospel Singer Shares Abortion Survival Story 
Not long ago Grammy and Dove Award wiining gospel artist Fred Hammond shared a remarkable story on Donnie McClurkin’s radio show: he was aborted. 

Tuesday, May 15
7157 – Oregon Parents Win “Wrongful Birth” Lawsuit 
An Oregon couple was recently awarded $2.9 million in the “wrongful birth” of their now-four-year-old-daughter Kalanit, who has Down syndrome. 

Wednesday, May 16
7158 – Calling for a Truce in the War on Unborn Children
 Are we engaged in a war on women? Just the opposite. We’re calling for a truce and a cessation of violence against the most helpless, vulnerable members of the human family.

Thursday, May 17 – Friday, May 18
7159 – RU486 Death in Australia, Part 1
7160 – RU486 Death in Australia, Part 2
We don’t know her name or age or precisely where in Australia she comes from, but we know from press accounts that a woman there died in 2010 from a supposedly “safe” RU486 abortion.