Monday, May 28
Producer’s Note: From all of us at National Right to Life, have a very happy and safe Memorial Day Holiday! 
7166 – Summer’s Here!
With Memorial Day here, summer is officially upon us and there are many things we can do to help spread the pro-life message throughout the summer months.

Tuesday, May 29
7167 – Altered Realities
A new book by Susan Yoshihara and Philip Longman explains how abortion has altered the basic demographic and political realities of our world.

Wednesday, May 30
7168 – Conquering Bias, Including Our Own
Carol discusses the impact we can have by setting aside some typical media sterotypes and build an effective working relationship with members of the media.

Thursday, May 31 – Friday, June 1
7169 – Last Call for NRLC 2012, Part 1
7170 – Last Call for NRLC 2012, Part 2
The annual National Right to Life convention is just a few weeks away!  Carol shares some reasons why you don’t want to miss the pro-life educational event of the year.