Monday, May 7 – Tuesday, May 8
7151 – Looking Ahead to Rio+20, Part 1
7152 – Looking Ahead to Rio+20, Part 2
 Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, will be held in June in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Once again, National Right to Life will be ready to educate delegates and ambassadors about efforts to enshrine abortion as a fundamental human right worldwide.

Wednesday, May 9
7153 – Teen Leadership Camps: Building for the Future
 The National Right to Life Life & Leadership Camp initiative, designed to educate the next generation of pro-life leaders, had a great pilot year in 2011, and we’re looking forward to a great year in 2012.

Thursday, May 10
7154 – New Windows into the World of Unborn Children
We’ve made serious headway in our efforts to cut through the fog that hides the reality and humanity of a vibrant, developing member of the human family growing inside the womb. Carol shares some wonderful resources. 

Friday, May 11
7155 – When Money Replaces the Voice of Sincerity
Back in January, the Washington Posts’s Dana Milbank caustically dismisses efforts on both sides of the abortion issue as nothing more than “the kind posturing you get when money has replaced the voice of sincerity.” For National Right to Life and its vast netowrk of grassroots pro-life activists, nothing could be further from the truth.