Monday, October 1
October is Respect Life Month. Today, Carol shares ways in which you can work to educate your community about the sanctity of human life.
7256 – Respect Life Month

Tuesday, October 2
Carol shares the story of “Maria” who, because of the kindess and compassion of pro-lifers, chose life for her unborn child.
7257 – Caring for Women with Compassion

Wednesday, October 3 – Thursday, October 4
Carol looks back on a 2004 article about the overpopulation myth — a myth that has been used as a justification by pro-abortion advocates to promote a worldwide right to abortion.
Wednesday: 7258 – Dispelling the Overpopulation Myth, Part 1

Thursday: 7259 – Dispelling the Overpopulation Myth, Part 2

Friday, October 5
Carol discusses the impact we can have by setting aside some typical media stereotypes and build an effective working relationship with members of the media.
7260 – Conquering Bias, Including Our Own