Monday, October 17 – Tuesday, October 18
7006 – Putting it in Perspective: Combating Euthanasia, Part 1
7007 – Putting in it Perspective: Combating Euthanasia, Part 2
In this two-day discussion, Carol explores the history of the euthanasia movement and the shift that is slowly occuring from voluntary euthanasia to involuntary euthanasia and direct killing.  The threat is very real and pro-lifers need to be prepared to protect themselves and their loved ones.
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Wednesdsay, October 19
7008 – Press On!
Drawing from the encouraging words of President Calvin Coolidge, Carol explains that everything a local right to life chapter does makes an impact and saves lives.

Thursday, October 20 – Thursday, October 21
7009 – Lauren’s Story, Part 1
7010 – Lauren’s Story, Part 2
Carol shares an email from a father whose daughter, was born with spina bifida after he and his wife rejected recommendations to abort their daughter upon diagnosis of her disability.