Monday, October 3
6996 – Respect Life Month
October is widley recognized as “Respect Life Month.”  Today, Carol shares ways you can help spread a culture of life throughout the entire month.

Tuesday, October 4
6997 – The Mutation of Choice into Coercion
There is an increasing movement in society that encourages our elders to see their long lives as a “burden” on society.  Today, Carol examines an article, “Opposition to Abortion and Assistance-in-Dying: The Claim that Choice Can Evolve into Coercion” by Sherry F. Colb, which demonstrates (despite the author’s intent) what can easily happen to the notion of “choice” when people are at their most vulnerable.

Wednesday, October 5 – Thursday, October 6
6998 – Behind the Rhetoric, Part 1
6999 – Behind the Rhetoric, Part 2
How do you interact with someone who has bought into the abortion industry’s rhetoric?  Carol spends the next two days digging behind the industry’s arguments and how to reach out by those who have fallen prey to its empty promises.

Friday, October 7
7000 – A Bittersweet Marker
Pro-Life Perspective went on the air in January 1985 and today marks the show’s 7,000th episode.  Today, Carol looks back at the past 26 years and commemorates a bittersweet marker in the show’s history.