Monday, September 26
6991 – Lessons from Hunter
Carol shares the timeless story of the Falduti family and the lessons they learned from giving life to their son, Hunter.

Tuesday, September 27
6992 – Tatiana’s Story
Tatiana’s life experiences – from her adoption to her mother’s battle with cancer – have shaped her pro-life views and her activism.  Carol shares her remarkable story.

Wednesday, September 28
6993 – The Old Lady Who Would Not Die
The Daily Mail of London recently published a gruesome account about a daughter who helps her mother starve herself to death.  Carol discusses the callousness of the account and what it means for our pro-life efforts.

Thursday, September 29
6994 – Advances in Adult Stem Cell Transplant Matches
Almost daily, we hear of new advances in research using stem cells from ethical sources.  Today, Carol discusses a recent advancement in the field of stem cell transplants at the University of Texas.

Friday, September 30
6995 – In the Shadow of Greatness
National Right to Life’s office sits directly across from Ford’s Theatre and just two doors down from where President Abraham Lincoln drew his final breath.  Carol draws inspiration from the 16th president in whose shadow we walk on a daily basis in Washington.