Monday, September 3
7236 – Back to Work!
Labor Day marks the official end to summer and the official start to fall right-to-life activities designed to educate your communities! Carol gives you some tips and tricks to expand your reach and educate and activate more right-to-life supporters.

Tuesday, September 4
7237 – The Anti-Life Platform of the Democratic Party
Since 1976, the Democratic Party has embraced the Roe v. Wade policy of unrestricted abortion for any reason. Even with a large number of Democrats identifying as pro-life and rejecting the Roe policy, the Democratic Party platform is making sure they remain the Abortion Party.

Wednesday, September 5 – Thursday, September 6
7238 – Planned Parenthood’s Political Plans, Part 1
7239 – Planned Parenthood’s Political Plans, Part 2
They’re the nation’s largest provider and promoter of abortion, but Planned Parenthood is also attempting to flex its political muscle to elect candidates who will help protect their abortion business from the increasing number of pro-life laws.

Friday, September 7
7240 – Abortion’s Physical Complications
As with all surgical procedures, abortions come with the potential for severe physical complications. Today, Carol shares some of the complications that have been documented following an abortion.

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